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Towns Postpones Doncic’s Dream

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Doing most things the same, there has been a slight change of order in these Western Conference finals. Or big if that’s how the Timberwolves can categorize it. The matches are being very even and are decided, avoiding the cliché of details, by actions in which the line between failure or success is incredibly fine. The Mavericks can remember this, as they left in their city the possibility of closing this commitment in style and moving on to another dimension in which complications grow.

Jason Kidd’s pupils lost 100-105 in the fourth game of the series, which travels to Minneapolis for a fifth game in which the wolves will continue to hang by a thread but full of confidence. That one that his opponent has violently taken from him in the previous matches, canceling them based on experience and good play, and that springs up again in heads that were like the scoreboard: at the limit. Doncic and company will have to wait, they still have one step left to take .

The Wolves scored the first victory of the duel with the Dallas team in a noisy American Airlines Center, which they knew how to silence in the second half through their craft and, above all, control of their emotions. That is so important, sometimes at the same level as the ability to shoot or dribble.

A new test will arrive in 48 hours . Luka Doncic writes this one down, as he does on some occasions when he feels responsible for more; Before the local press he assured that he had not played with enough energy. It didn’t seem like that. His throwing numbers are not exemplified by his efficiency, he finished with a 7/21 in the field and missed a key one in the personal in the last minute, but without his leadership ability they would not have even gotten to fight until the end.

The Mavs were matched with their rival most of the night. They simply let some of their most important pieces, like Towns or Edwards, think, and they did not maintain the accuracy of other days in the hot moments of the game. Broadly speaking, this explains why they have to wait.

Towns Postpones Doncic’s Dream.

Wait to see yourself in the Finals. The ones in the title. Those of the East against the West. Those who crave. The Boston Celtics await them after having swept, yes, the Indiana Pacers on the other side of the table. A rest that the Mavs will not have, those who maintain the wide advantage here, ignoring the fact that they have suffered a stoppage when they were, using the vocabulary of athletics, reaching the frames.

The other team also plays. It is worth remembering that he destroyed the Suns of the killer trio and took the candy out of the Nuggets champions’ mouths in their own pavilion. Now the 3-1 champion in the overall series, Mavericks ahead. This Tuesday a different reaction was seen that has moved that score from place: haste in the local team to come back in the last five minutes and coldness in the other team, just the opposite of what was seen in the three previous rounds. Whether or not we are facing a core change, we ensured a new opportunity to enjoy basketball in the United States as we headed towards nine days without activity .


Minny has grown over the years to reach this category. They were not going to be swept away in such a scenario. Edwards highlighted how he had taken it personally. Precisely that hot blood, not only in him but in the Gobert and Towns towers, froze for his benefit in the minutes in which total survival was at stake.

Karl-Anthony , in fact, was on the wire all night. But he saved him. He was eliminated after committing six fouls, yes, but before that he starred in the big change that spurred his team on: from his five points in the first half to the twenty he scored in the second. Decisive triples and reaction worthy of the great player he is.

Dallas had hurt them so much that the morale of the other franchise’s players was going down to a basement with no light or exit. That is why Timberwolves fans have believed again, because their boys have reversed an almost fatal situation by pulling more with their heads than their hearts. The pressure begins to equalize: this is not over.

What on previous occasions had been favorable for them turned negative for the local participants. To give an example: Kyrie Irving was an immeasurable 14-0 in games that close series and here, also with a crucial turnover, the streak was broken; Washington did not revive in the last quarter as it did when closing the previous tie; Jones was quick at the close after having played another good game.

Luka Doncic leaves blaming himself but with 28 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists, even threatening with another impossible one when he made a 3+1 at the rim with 13 seconds left in which the error in the additional time frustrated him as much as to increase his responsibility in defeat . It’s simple: the others were the ones who kept calm, recapitulated when they found themselves in trouble and counted on the necessary success. Finch changed defensive assignments, switching to McDaniels with Irving and testing Edwards with Doncic, and offensive assignments, shifting play completions more inward, with results – clearly visible – that were more than positive. A change was needed. There it goes.

Lively was not in the game due to the knee from the previous game and that was the hook that the Wolves used to attack from the inside without holding back the slightest. He was the fittest center. Gobert and Towns took advantage first. Doncic had accumulated eight of the Mavericks’ initial ten points and there were few other successes, they remained stuck. The margin grew, especially with three decisive plays by Edwards. Advantage of twelve, doubling the score, for the visitors.

Two of the substitutes stood up for Doncic. With a triple each, Hardy and Green stopped the bleeding before finishing the first act. Another bench player, the veteran Exum, added another five points after the change of quarters and destroyed Minnesota’s schemes for the first time. It wouldn’t be the last. The wisdom of Doncic and company came into play. They slowed down the pace and began to draw fouls from the most decisive men on the other side. That wasn’t bad at all.

Towns was voided; Gobert and Edwards began to see the wolf’s ears, never better said being the logo of their franchise. Kleber returned from injury, although far from one hundred percent. And Jones, that unclassifiable player, appeared with two triples in a row to tie the score. The seven evils hit the Timberwolves: they were going to get it up again, or so it seemed at that moment. As soon as we returned from the break, which was 49-49, the strategy card changed places: the Mavs were the aggressive ones, with balls to Gafford near the rim so that he could resolve and test the endurance capacity of the opposing centers . Towns committed the fourth personal, signed two offensive plays of great merit and asked to stay on the court, made the fifth and returned to purgatory.

The two teams repeated their adventures at the end of the third quarter. Edwards once again controlled, scored points, and Minny escaped on the scoreboard. Although in a lighter way. And Jaden Hardy returned to the court to score another ten and hold the reins of the horse in Doncic’s absence. Little rays of light with Washington too and a couple of illuminated layups from Irving. Again, in position to take the game forward coming from behind. But it didn’t happen.

Karlito, the number one in the 2015 Draft and the face of the T-Wolves since then, got rid of the doubts of games 1, 2 and 3 and hit the ground running. In the 43rd minute he converted two triples from the left side that made it the lead. He went in in a two-minute span with a single basket and, wham, Towns hit the three again. One more for Edwards and +8 with 1:47 left. What happened there? Doncic. The Slovenian took the sixth from the Dominican in a triple threat, in which he entered fully. There was very little time left for this drop to take effect. Luka’s three points plus a basket from Kyrie brought the Mavs within three. Edwards, with a long throw coming out of a block and squaring up like Jordan, wanted to finish. Another touch of salt from Doncic was missing with the aforementioned 3+1 and fear in the visitors’ bodies. The one who closed the party was Naz Reid in a well-executed board play.

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