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Ten Hag Doesn’t Spare “Supposed Experts”: These People Patted Me on the Back

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Erik ten Hag gave an interview to the Dutch portal ‘Voetbal International’ where he opened the book about Manchester United’s disappointing season. The coach, who the English press guarantees is at the exit door, even if he defeats City’s rivals in today’s FA Cup final, explained that the Red Devils fans “have no idea of ​​reality” and guarantees that he will be nominated by part of INEOS, minority owners of the club, who will continue to lead the team.

Manchester United last won the championship in 2023, 11 years ago. But even then they expect us to win every game, competing at the highest level. This club is not ready for that”, explained the Dutchman, who this season failed to take Manchester United beyond 8th place in the Premier League.

“We’re supposed to start building something and we took the first steps last year, but then you discover how great this club is and no one is satisfied. At the club people were satisfied, but outside there was noise, they said I had just won [in 2022 /23] the League Cup, that we had lost the FA Cup final and that we had been third”, he said.

Ten Hag Doesn’t Spare “Supposed Experts”: These People Patted Me on the Back.

However, the coach acknowledged that this season did not go well. “Let me be clear, it was bad. It was shit. But despite everything, we are going to play in the FA Cup final.”

Ten Hag did not fail to send a message to the commentators, most of them former club players, who throughout the season criticized his team’s performances. “Commentators in England want to score, they want to show that they are worth the money they earn and that is why Manchester United is a good target. It is the biggest club in England and possibly the world. This club is either loved or hated, there is no in between .”

“When things go wrong, everyone starts talking, with big words. All this negativity from these supposed experts who don’t have the ability to analyze things with facts… They prefer to attack people to make themselves look good”, he added, throwing the targets such as Rio Ferdinand, Roy Keane, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes, without mentioning names. “These people patted me on the back last year. Last year I could even walk on water, but now I’m the worst manager in the Premier League.”

Ten Hag also complained about the many injuries that affected his squad. “The injuries were crazy, I had 33 different defensive lines this season. Sofyan Amrabat had to play left defense on four occasions… We had injuries in all positions on the field.”


Finally, the coach made it clear that he will continue at Old Trafford next season. “They told me that they want to change everything and that they intend to rebuild with me. That’s what they told me directly. INEOS will change things and some projects have already started. The current training center will be destroyed and they will build a new one.”

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