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Guarani x América-MG: Goalkeeper and Defender Make Bizarre Mistakes in Goal in Series B

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América-MG ‘s defense made a bizarre mistake in the game against Guarani, this Monday, in Campinas, in the sixth round of the Brazilian Series B. The move occurred in Bugre’s first goal, which lost 2-1.

After a shot from Guarani, defender Ricardo Silva tried to head the ball back to the goalkeeper, but, under pressure, he got in the way. He took another touch of the ball with his foot and took it from goalkeeper Dalberson, who had left the area to try to cut. Both got in trouble, and Fabinho was free to open the score. (see video above).

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Guarani and América face each other for different objectives. Bugre is trying to stay out of the relegation zone and seek a second victory in Series B. Coelho is in sixth place and wants to enter the G-4 of the competition.

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