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Scientific and content integrity matter to us

At FitMeMore, we always love to set a high standards of quality and research content. Our content is here to help you in making the best choices for your better health. Here is how we make contents for you:

  • Written by health and fitness experts
  • Evidence based with science-backed research
  • Medically reviewed by our experts
  • Updated to reflect medical advances

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Editor’s Pick

Review Board

Kim Ross

Kim Ross, RD
Expertise in Nutrition

Kate Corfield

Kate Corfield
Expertise in Fitness

Katy Insley

Katy Insley,
Expertise in Yoga

Vandana Sheth

Vandana Sheth, RDN
Expertise in Nutrition

Kapil Yadav

Kapil Yadav
Expertise in Fitness

Hannah Gough

Hannah Gough,
Expertise in Yoga


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