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Our FitMeMore Expert Review Board comprises board-certified physicians, certified nutritionists and dietitians, and fitness professionals. They examine our content for trustworthiness, evidence-based support, and current thought and viewpoints related to fitness and nutrition. This review board guarantees the factual accuracy of our articles, as well as their timeliness and relevance to the reader. To ensure that the content maintains its integrity, they consider the material for citation-based evidence and modern scientific practices. The expertise of our specialized panel of beauty and wellbeing experts also helps to shape and further develop the quality of our material.

Our Expert Review Board Team.

Corissa S., RDN

Corissa is deeply passionate about guiding individuals towards optimal well-being through personalized nutritional strategies. Read More.

Her expertise is underscored by a rich educational background, having graduated from California State University, Los Angeles. Read More.

A dynamic professional, Kim is not only a nutrition consultant but also a seasoned public speaker, delivering insights on wellness and nutrition. Read More.

Hannah Gough
Hannah Gough, Yoga Instructor

 With a passion for promoting the benefits of yoga, Hannah serves as the Greater Manchester Representative for the British Wheel of Yoga. Read More.

Gail Cooper
Gail Cooper, Yoga Instructor

Her commitment to uplifting others has been recognized with the prestigious accolade of Most Supportive Wellbeing Coach & Teacher in 2023. Read More.

Katy Insley
Katy Insley, Yoga Instructor

With a foundation rooted in education, she shares her expertise as part of Neston High School in Wirral, contributing to the well-being of the school community. Read More.

Dr. Olubunmi Aboaba
Dr. Olubunmi Aboaba, Fitness Instructor

Her expertise is amplified by her academic background, having pursued studies at the University of Leeds. Dr. Aboaba’s commitment to holistic well-being is encapsulated in her Future Life Progression Programme. Read More.

Kate Corfield
Kate Corfield, Fitness Instructor

Kate’s journey is rooted in her association with London Studio Centre, where she channels her passion for fitness development. Read More.

Kapil Yadav
Kapil Yadav, Fitness Instructor

His commitment to guiding individuals through transformative fitness journeys is reflected in his association with Gymnacity Gym.  Read More.

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