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Nacho: “I’m Leaving Happy, Not Even Dreaming Could I Have Imagined an Ending Like This”

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Nacho Fernández took the floor and he already did so as a former Real Madrid player. It sounds strange, but since April it was clear to him that his future involved embarking on a new adventure 23 years after arriving at the club of his life. “Thank you very much for your patience these days and thank you for your respect. I imagined that the questions They were going to come here. The decision is the most difficult of my entire life. It is a thoughtful and confident decision. I would lie to you if I didn’t have any doubts and I told the club months ago. so nice that you have doubts and thoughts of holding on for another season. I was honest and I needed a new experience. I have always wanted a happy ending at Real Madrid and I didn’t even dream of it. It’s a very thoughtful decision that I have no doubts about, but there were some. I do it with confidence and tranquility, with the affection and respect of everyone. What I told my wife is that the affection I have felt is the greatest honor I have given to the club of my life. “That’s how I want them to remember me,” commented an excited Nacho.

He explained the reason why he made the decision. “I need a new experience. I could have lasted one more year. I would have been just as happy, but you know how demanding it is. Even if we win, nothing is worth anything other than being at my best. There is nothing left for me to gain with this shirt but of course I have the ambition to continue winning. I see that it was the moment. It is difficult, but it is a decision made from within. There is no reason but it is what I feel . I am prepared for what comes and very excited. specific day. The previous season I already had doubts and I made the decision to stay, which was the right one. I was challenged to be the captain and I wanted to win, but writing such a beautiful ending is not always possible for me . I have felt loved . Of course there are difficult moments and of course they affect me, but there is no specific moment. To finish like this is to put the end in the best way. I hope there are many youth players in Real Madrid.”

Nacho: “I’m Leaving Happy, Not Even Dreaming Could I Have Imagined an Ending Like This”.

Kroos’s farewell and envy of having something like this. He confirmed his destiny . “This is easy to answer. My trust in the club is so great that they have waited for me to have the team signed. I have a lot to be grateful for. I would have loved to have something signed earlier. The club has behaved so well that He told me that if I wanted to change my mind. I would have loved to say goodbye like Kroos, but I don’t need a farewell like that to know what they want me in this club. What would I have liked? Yes. What would we do differently? In the future? Surely nothing has been made official, but I’m going to Míchel’s team, to Al Qasdiah. A different experience. I would have liked to come without any talk about my future, but the players are exposed to certain things. situations. Grateful to the president of Real Madrid who is like a father”

He did not want to face Real Madrid in any match and it was something that was very clear to him from the beginning . “I didn’t see myself playing against Madrid nor do I want to. They are very good and I don’t want to suffer them. I never wanted to play against them. To be in Europe, I would have renewed. My life is going to be turned upside down but it’s what I need. Facing “I don’t want Madrid to be an option.”

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He admits that he would have liked to have everything resolved before the Euro Cup. “I would have liked it to have been resolved sooner. Thank God we have won the three games and the team is focused. These things do not affect me in playing the games. I knew about it many months ago and it has made me enjoy it more . I have also enjoyed against Croatia. It doesn’t affect us at all, we are showing it. With this press conference the only thing we want is to focus on Georgia.”

He talked about what it is like to play for Real Madrid as a defender . “Being a defender for Real Madrid is very complicated. We are always attacking and with many spaces behind us. It is not easy because of the requirement of winning every game. Even every preseason. Every season I have managed to turn the situation around with my work” .

He feels optimistic about what Spain can do in the Euro Cup. “We have an important challenge ahead of us. Playing in Arabia? It is a championship that is evolving. Whether I will continue in the national team is a matter for the coach. I want to thank him for how he has behaved with me these days. I hope we can do something important in the Euro Cup”.


Importance of the Euro Cup. “We are a very strong team and we are in a very positive dynamic. We must go game by game. We are representing a country and winning the title would be very important, one of the most important things that can happen to you. I would put it very close to the Champions”.

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