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Fluminense Beats Cerro Porteño and Guarantees Classification in the Libertadores

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Fluminense beat Cerro Porteño-PAR 2-1 and secured qualification for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. At Maracanã, Flu took the lead with a great goal from Marcelo, but saw the Paraguayans draw through Wilder Viera. In the second stage, Ganso scored the winning goal for Tricolor.

With the positive result, Fernando Diniz’s team reached 11 points and secured themselves in the next phase of the continental tournament. Cerro will have to fight for the second place in Group A in the last round. The Paraguayans are in second, with 5 points, followed by Colo-Colo-CHI, also with 5, and Alianza Lima-PER, with 4.

Fluminense Beats Cerro Porteño and Guarantees Classification in the Libertadores.

Marcelo’s first.

Veteran and champion of almost everything he competed in, Marcelo finally found the net playing in a Copa Libertadores. Last year, he was one of the big names for the tricolor cup. However, his goal was missing.

And it came in spectacular fashion. With all his usual quality, the number 12 cleared the defense and moved to his right leg.

But already?

Fluminense’s bad phase seems to have no end. There wasn’t even time for the fans to savor the advantage and Marcelo’s beautiful goal. Four minutes later, Piris da Motta won the dispute with Alexsander and crossed for Viera to equalize the duel.

The tricolors complained a lot about the move that led to the goal, a possible foul on Alexsander, but the referee did not point out anything and confirmed the draw.

Saved by VAR.

Fluminense stopped after the goal conceded. In a counterattack, the Paraguayan team had a chance to turn it around, but Flu saved Cerro. Then it was impossible to stop. Churín took advantage of Domínguez’s pass to score.


However, the video referee took action and drew the offside lines, which confirmed the Paraguayan striker was in an irregular position, saving what would have been a catastrophic upset at Maracanã.

Flu at low speed.

Fernando Diniz still has a big problem to solve in his team. If before Fluminense was a team that knew what to do with or without the ball, now the team seems to be completely unfocused on what it should do.

In the opening 25 minutes of the final stage, Tricolor from Rio tried to surround the Cerro Porteño area, but in addition to the difficulty of creating, they also had problems when it came to finishing. Brazilian goalkeeper Jean abused the wax, which further irritated the fans.

Expulsion changes the game.

Finally, luck also smiled on Fluminense. Baéz committed a foul and received a second yellow card, leaving Cerro with one less, 26 minutes into the second half. A minute later, the scream came out.

After insisting so much on plays through the wings and on crosses,. Guga hit Ganso’s head with precision, who only had the trouble of sending it to the ground and watching the ball die in the back of the goal.

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