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Shiatsu: The Best Way to Relax

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We all know that stress is a health problem, since it can affect us in many ways. It is important that we know how to avoid it so that we do not suffer its consequences. One way to relax and eliminate stress is through shiatsu.

Shiatsu is an ancient massage technique aimed at eliminating negative energy from the body, achieving greater balance and better relaxation. This technique is applied in a relaxed way, without rushing so that the speed of the massage matches the breathing of the person being massaged. It should be a technique that helps us disconnect from the environment to reach another state in which tranquility predominates.

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Stress is one of the evils that threaten us in our society in which everything moves quickly and we often do not have time to assimilate it. This situation causes our health to weaken. Stress can affect our circulatory system, since the heart rate increases enormously. Cells also suffer premature and rapid aging, as do many internal organs that can be affected.

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Shiatsu: The Best Way to Relax.

It is important that we remedy this situation, and shiatsu may be the way to do it. Through the application of simple massages that will seek to return the patient to normality, eliminating that stressful situation. But we will not only seek to end the problem, but also prevent possible situations of stress, since what is sought is for the body to know how to respond to itself and for us to be able to self-relax.

Among the benefits that shiatsu offers us, we must highlight the power it has to balance the nervous system . It helps us reduce tension accumulated in the muscles. With its application we manage to solve the disorders caused by anxiety, as well as restore our sleep and peace of mind. The return to normality that we experience is important, which will lead to a reduction in blood pressure.

Basically with shiatsu we will achieve total muscle relaxation that is achieved through the application of the fingers that the masseuse will perform on us. In addition, he will perform a series of stretches aimed at eliminating tension. As a result of maintaining constant breathing, the diaphragm relaxes, something that, together with the sedative effect that these massages have on our nervous system, makes shiartsu a full-fledged medicine.


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