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Surabhi Mudra: Benefits, Side Effects, Types and How To Do

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🎯 Key Points
  • Surabhi Mudra is a hand gesture that helps in balancing the body’s energy and promoting overall well-being.
  • Benefits of Surabhi Mudra include reducing stress and anxiety, improving concentration and focus, and enhancing digestion.
  • There are no known side effects of practicing Surabhi Mudra, but it is advisable to consult a yoga instructor before starting.
  • There are two main types of Surabhi Mudra: right hand over left hand and left hand over right hand, both with specific benefits.
  • To perform Surabhi Mudra, sit in a comfortable position, place your hands in the chosen position, and hold for a few minutes while focusing on your breath.

Surabhi Mudra also known as the Cow Gesture, is a powerful hand gesture commonly practiced in yoga and meditation. This ancient technique has been used for centuries to promote physical and mental wellbeing. In this article, we will explore the benefits, side effects, different types and how to perform it correctly. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or someone interested in enhancing your overall health, Surabhi Mudra can be a valuable addition to your wellness routine. So, let’s delve into the world of Surabhi Mudra and discover its remarkable potential.

Surabhi Mudra meaning.

Surabhi Mudra is a hand gesture commonly seen in various forms of yoga and meditation practices. Derived from the Sanskrit word “Surabhi,” meaning “divine cow,” and “Mudra,” meaning “seal” or “gesture,” Surabhi Mudra symbolizes abundance, fertility and nourishment.

By intertwining the fingers of both hands, with the thumbs crossed and pointing upwards, this mudra is believed to activate the energy of the heart and solar plexus chakras. It is said to enhance feelings of love, compassion and gratitude, while promoting the flow of energy throughout the body.

Surabhi Mudra is often used during meditation or pranayama exercises to cultivate a sense of abundance, both physically and spiritually.

benefits of Surabhi Mudra.

By understanding and incorporating Surabhi Mudra into our daily lives, we can unlock an array of following advantages that contribute to our overall wellbeing and spiritual growth:

1. Enhances Digestion.

One of the primary benefits of Surabhi Mudra is its positive impact on digestion. By holding this mudra, we activate the fire element within our body, stimulating the digestive system and improving metabolism. It aids in the efficient breakdown and absorption of nutrients, thus preventing digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion and constipation.

2. Boosts Immunity.

Surabhi Mudra helps in strengthening the immune system, making it more resilient against various diseases and infections. By balancing the elements within our body, this mudra enhances our body’s natural defense mechanism which resulting in improved overall health and vitality.


3. Calms the Mind.

This mudra has a profound effect on the mind, promoting mental clarity, peace and tranquility. By activating specific energy pathways, Surabhi Mudra helps to balance the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety. It aids in bringing a sense of calmness and serenity to the mind, allowing for better concentration and focus.

4. Balances Energy.

Surabhi Mudra harmonizes the flow of energy within our body, ensuring a balanced and free flowing pranic (life-force) energy. This balance helps to alleviate blockages and imbalances, restoring vitality and promoting a sense of overall wellbeing.

5. Connects to the Divine.

Surabhi Mudra is believed to connect us to the divine energy present in the universe. By practicing this mudra, we can attain a deeper spiritual connection and experience a sense of oneness with the higher consciousness. It allows us to tap into our inner wisdom, intuition and spiritual growth.

6. Improves Respiratory Health.

This mudra works wonders for the respiratory system, improving lung capacity and strengthening the respiratory muscles. It aids in enhancing oxygen absorption and releasing toxins, promoting healthier breathing patterns and preventing respiratory ailments.

7. Enhances Self Confidence.

Surabhi Mudra helps to boost self confidence and self esteem. By activating the solar plexus chakra, it instills a sense of personal power and assertiveness. This mudra empowers individuals to overcome self doubt and embrace their true potential.

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Incorporating Surabhi Mudra into our daily yoga or meditation practice can bring about significant positive changes in our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It is important to remember that regular practice and consistency are key to experiencing the full range of benefits that this powerful mudra has to offer.

Side Effects of Surabhi Mudra.

Like any other practice, it is essential to be aware of following potential side effects or precautions associated with its practice:

1. Overstimulation.

Surabhi Mudra involves connecting the fingertips of both hands in a specific manner. If performed excessively or for prolonged periods, it may lead to overstimulation of the nervous system, resulting in restlessness, agitation or heightened energy levels.

2. Energy Imbalances.

This mudra is believed to balance the flow of energy in the body, specifically between the left and right sides. However, practicing it incorrectly or excessively may disrupt the natural energy balance, leading to imbalances in the body’s systems, such as digestive issues, sleep disturbances or emotional instability.

3. Muscle strain.

Surabhi Mudra requires the fingers to be interlocked and pressed firmly together. If the pressure applied is excessive or improper alignment is maintained, it may strain the muscles and joints of the fingers, wrists or forearms. Practitioners should exercise caution and sensitivity to their body’s limits to avoid any potential injury.

4. Mental agitation or confusion.

As Surabhi Mudra is believed to stimulate the nervous system, it may sometimes result in increased mental activity, leading to restlessness, confusion or difficulty focusing. Individuals with pre existing anxiety or overactive minds may be more susceptible to experiencing these side effects.

5. Emotional release.

The activation of specific energy channels through Surabhi Mudra can sometimes trigger emotional release. This may manifest as sudden mood swings, bouts of crying or unexpected emotional reactions. While this can be a beneficial aspect for emotional healing, it is important to be prepared for these potential side effects.

6. Precautions during pregnancy.

Pregnant women should exercise caution while practicing Surabhi Mudra. It is advisable to consult with a qualified prenatal yoga instructor or healthcare professional to ensure that this mudra is safe and appropriate for their specific condition. Some sources suggest avoiding Surabhi Mudra during pregnancy due to its potential impact on energy flow and hormonal balance.

7. Individual variation.

Every individual may respond differently to Surabhi Mudra. While some people may experience positive effects, others may find it uncomfortable or not suitable for their body and mind. It is essential to listen to one’s own body and adjust or discontinue the practice if any adverse effects are experienced.

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While Surabhi Mudra offers potential benefits, it is crucial to practice it mindfully and with awareness of individual limitations. It is advisable to learn the proper technique from a qualified yoga instructor and consult with a healthcare professional if any concerns or side effects arise during the practice.

How to do Surabhi Mudra?

Here is a step by step guide on how to perform Surabhi Mudra:

Step 1. Find a comfortable seated position, either on the floor or on a chair, with your spine upright and shoulders relaxed.

Step 2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allowing your body and mind to relax.

Step 3. Bring your hands in front of your chest, palms facing upwards. Your fingers should be slightly apart and gently curved.

Step 4. Extend your thumbs towards each other, allowing them to gently touch. The tips of your thumbs should be pointing upwards.

Step 5. Imagine a gentle flow of energy moving between your thumbs, connecting them. This energy flow represents the flow of abundance and positivity.

Step 6. Take a few moments to focus on the sensation of energy between your thumbs, allowing yourself to fully immerse in this connection.

Step 7. While maintaining the connection between your thumbs, bring your hands down towards your lap, allowing them to rest comfortably.

Step 8. Continuing to breathe deeply, relax your shoulders and bring your attention to the energy flow between your thumbs.

Step 9. Stay in this position for a few minutes, allowing the energy to circulate and balance throughout your body.

Step 10. To release the mudra, gently separate your thumbs and bring your hands back to your sides. Take a moment to observe any changes in your body and mind.

Precautions during Surabhi Mudra.

To fully experience benefits of Surabhi Mudra, it is important to take following certain precautions:

1. Warm up.

Before practicing Surabhi Mudra, it is advisable to warm up your hands and fingers. Gently massage and stretch them to improve blood circulation and flexibility, allowing for a more comfortable and effective practice.

2. Suitable environment.

Find a quiet and peaceful place where you can practice Surabhi Mudra without any distractions. Ensure the space is clean and free from any obstacles that may hinder your practice.

3. Comfortable posture.

Sit in a comfortable cross legged position, such as Sukhasana (Easy Pose) or Padmasana (Lotus Pose). Keep your spine erect and relaxed, allowing for a smooth flow of energy throughout your body. Avoid practicing Surabhi Mudra while lying down or in an uncomfortable position.

4. Breathing awareness.

Maintain awareness of your breath throughout the practice. Breathe deeply and naturally which allowing the breath to flow effortlessly. Avoid holding your breath or straining during Surabhi Mudra as it may disrupt the energy flow.

5. Gentle pressure.

Apply a gentle but firm pressure between the thumb and ring finger, creating a connection between the two. Avoid exerting excessive force or gripping too tightly, as it may cause discomfort or restrict blood circulation. Find the right balance between pressure and ease.

6. Gradual practice.

Begin with shorter durations of Surabhi Mudra and gradually increase the time as you become more comfortable and experienced. Start with a few minutes and slowly extend the practice to 10 to15 minutes or as per your capacity. Avoid overexertion or pushing yourself beyond your limits.

7. Individual limitations.

Respect your body’s limitations and adjust the practice accordingly. If you experience any pain, discomfort or dizziness, release the mudra immediately and consult a qualified yoga instructor or healthcare professional.

8. Consistency.

Regular practice is key to experiencing the full benefits of Surabhi Mudra. Aim for a consistent practice, preferably daily, to allow the body to integrate and respond to the energies awakened by this mudra.

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Remember, it is always advisable to learn Surabhi Mudra from a certified yoga instructor who can guide you through the correct technique and provide personalized instructions based on your individual needs and abilities.

best time to do Surabhi Mudra.

Surabhi Mudra can be practiced at any time during the day, whenever you feel the need to find inner balance and connect with a sense of abundance. Regular practice of this mudra can help to cultivate a calm and grounded state of being, allowing you to navigate through life with greater clarity and focus.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can Surabhi Mudra be practiced by everyone?

Yes, Surabhi Mudra can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels. It is a simple hand gesture that can be easily incorporated into yoga or meditation practice.

2. How long should Surabhi Mudra be held?

Surabhi Mudra can be held for as long as comfortable during meditation or yoga practice. It is typically held for a few minutes, but can be extended for longer periods if desired.

3. Can Surabhi Mudra be practiced along with other mudras?

Yes, Surabhi Mudra can be practiced in combination with other mudras to enhance their effects. It can be used in conjunction with other hand gestures to deepen the meditative experience.

4. Can Surabhi Mudra be practiced outside of meditation or yoga?

Yes, Surabhi Mudra can be practiced at any time and in any situation where you want to cultivate a sense of generosity and abundance. It can be done while sitting, standing, or even during everyday activities.

Bottom Line.

Surabhi Mudra is a powerful hand gesture that has been practiced for centuries in various cultures and spiritual traditions. It holds great significance in the realm of meditation and yoga which helping individuals to connect with their inner self and experience a sense of grounding and balance. By activating the energy centers in the body and channeling energy flow, Surabhi Mudra promotes a sense of harmony and wellbeing. Incorporating this mudra into our daily practice can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, ultimately enhancing our overall physical, mental and spiritual health.

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