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7-Day Menu: Lose 20 Pounds In a Month Eating Everything

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When it comes to lose 20 Pounds In a Month Eating Everything, the tricks are worth it. But if you really want to say goodbye to the little books, you must adjust to a diet that is not only low in calories, but also delicious and gives you the freedom to try a little of everything. Just like our 7-day menu that will make you lose up to 20 pounds in a month while still sucking your fingers!

The key to success in this 1200 calorie menu is in the portions and in stopping to snack all day like a parrot.

7-Day Menu: Lose 20 Pounds In a Month Eating Everything.

Be sure to eat your meals in small plates – use those of desserts or those of your children – and supplement with plenty of water, natural infusions, and fruits or dark chocolate (or whatever you like to have less than 100 calories) to kill the craving. Sweet With patience, you will see that you manage to control your appetite in a two by three!

Vegetable Omelette.

Start the week with all the irons: prepare an omelet with two egg whites and one yellow and add the vegetables you get in the fridge. Give it a different touch with a turkey bacon strip. In addition to delicious, it is simple to make and will keep you full until lunch. Calories: 300

Grilled Salmon.

Salmon is fantastic if you want to get rid of the belly. Add it with a touch of mustard, lemon, and dill and put it in the oven for half an hour. Supplement with grilled vegetables and pico de gallo on top. During lunch hours you can afford a carbohydrate like a potato, but don’t overdo it! Calories: 400

Tuna Salad.

Light but tasty dinner: I love tuna because it is very low in calories and helps you lose weight quickly. Add it to any bed of green vegetables you have and accompany it with homemade dressing – mustard, vinegar, stevia, and pepper. Be creative! Bake your vegetables first or add raisins or almonds to the salad the idea is that you have an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Calories: 250


Oatmeal And Nut Butter.

Would you believe me if I tell you that this is my breakfast 90% of the week? It is that in addition to easy, it is delicious. Just prepare the oatmeal in water until it thickens and add a spoon of any nut butter you have – I prefer peanut because it gives me more energy – and you throw chia and linseed seeds on top of it. You will suck your fingers! Calories: 300

Lentil And Sausage Soup.

A classic in Hispanic food that will help you lose weight. Who’d say? Prepare the lentil soup as usual – yes, leaving the marinade aside – and add a couple of good quality sausages. I like spicy turkey or chicken and apple because they give it an exotic flavor but the truth is that anyone serves. Don’t forget the cilantro! Calories: 450

Chicken And Lettuce Wraps.

When you try them you will forget the tortillas forever! And is that these “wraps” or chicken wrapped are so rich that you would never think that you are eating light dinner.

Simply cook the chicken as usual and add a tablespoon of barbecue sauce. Once ready, place them on each lettuce (I recommend the Genoese, which is less bitter and supports the weight of the chicken) and spread a little fresh pepper, grated carrots, and scallions on top. Calories: 300

Cereal With Peaches.

A simple cup of whole-grain cereal with less than 5 grams of sugar, half a cup of milk and a minced peach make this breakfast a childhood memory. Best of all, it is nutritious and is done in two by three. Calories: 300

Spring Rolls.

I’ll be honest: I buy my spring rolls at the supermarket. They are so rich and practical when you’re in trouble!

But the truth is that they are also easy to make at home if you buy the rice leaves. Just moisten them and add boiled shrimp, chicken, and many, many vegetables. Serve with a peanut sauce. You will love the exotic of this dish! Calories: 350

Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes.

A perfect dish to lower the belly and leave you with a smile on your face. Cut the tomatoes and make them a kind of hollow inside.

Rub them with olive oil, fill them with quinoa, vegetables, and chicken and bake them at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. Easier, impossible. Calories: 400.

Avocado Toasts.

Avocado toast has become fashionable in our country, and they finally realized the benefits of avocado!

This breakfast is made in minutes and you do not need more than toasted whole wheat bread, half an avocado (which you can cut into slices or mash), and a tiller of coarse salt and pepper on top. Calories: 300

Sole With Herbs.

The sole or Dover Sole is very low in calories and its flavor is so soft that you can combine herbs and condiments without a problem. I like to do it with a combination of fresh herbs, olive oil, and garlic Porro (leek) and white wine. I put it in the oven until it is very crispy and inside! Calories: 350

Bottom Line.

Whilst the promise of dropping 20 pounds in a month by ingesting the whole thing on a 7-day menu might also sound appealing, it is essential to approach such claims with warning. Rapid weight reduction techniques can be unsustainable and potentially harmful to 1’s health. Instead, that specialize in balanced nutrition, portion control, and everyday bodily activity is prime to accomplishing and preserving a healthful weight in the long term. Always talk over with a healthcare professional earlier than embarking on any drastic nutritional modifications or weight loss applications.

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