Consequences of Sitting Cross-legged

Some Advices on the Consequences of Sitting Cross-legged

Crossing our legs is a very common gesture that we do every time we sit down. It is not that this position is not recommended, but maintaining it for many hours can end up affecting the health of our back and postural hygiene in the long term. Some Advices on the Consequences of Sitting Cross-legged.

Do You Know Drinking Soda After Exercise Could Damage Your Kidneys

Drinking Soda After Exercise Could Damage Your Kidneys

The consumption of soft drinks is being highly criticized, it seems clear that they play a fundamental role in the increase in overweight and obesity , and the higher incidence of diabetes around the world, but this new study adds another health risk to the consumption of soft drinks. soft drinks, especially if they are taken after playing sports, …

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Suspension Training With TRX: A Full-body Routine With Exercises to Work Your Entire Body

Suspension Training With TRX

On countless occasions we have heard about suspension training . Surely many of us think that it is about hanging ourselves with ribbons and doing exercises on them. Basically we are not off track, but on this occasion we want to stop at getting to know it better and highlighting a full-body routine to start working. For its development we must get a TRX …

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Strength Routine and Hypertrophy Routine: These Are the Differences Between Them

Strength Routine and Hypertrophy Routine

Normally we talk about strength routines and hypertrophy routines, they are routines with different objectives, but we really don’t know how they differ. What makes a routine hypertrophy or strength routine? Beyond the obvious (the objective is different) the structure is also completely different, the training and rest days are different and there are even exercises that differ and that …

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