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On The Ridge Movie Review and Download

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The box office success of last year’s Killers of the Flower Moon and the prominence of Marvel Studios’ Echo are just a few of the recent projects that have raised awareness of Native Americans. However, harrowing glimpses into some of the darkest episodes of modern Native American history and superhero fantasies about their culture cannot truly represent the real lives of Native Americans in 2024. On the Ridge is a documentary that takes an in-depth look at the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and their efforts to strengthen community ties and counter the prejudices that have been built up. The film profiles many reservation residents, honoring them for the positive contributions they have made to their communities and the inspiration they have provided to others.

On The Ridge Movie Review and Download.

From the powerful and timeless teachings of tribal ancestors such as Black Elk, whose teachings are carried on by tribal elders today, to the contemporary message of local musician Scotty Clifford, the film is careful to pay homage to the tribe’s history and culture, but the emphasis on the story also ensures that the challenges facing the reservation are acknowledged. On the Ridge is an educational film designed to celebrate the Pine Ridge Reservation and challenge viewers’ assumptions about Native American life today. Filmmakers Dennis Paul Chirko and Ishma Yusaf Valenti provide a comprehensive overview of the various community projects and initiatives taking place on Pine Ridge, detailing how the people who live there deal with the combination of modernity and tradition.

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The film is highly personal and sensitive, and Chirko and Valenti have clearly taken thoughtful steps to show their admiration for the culture. From regular references to teachings and sayings passed down by their ancestors to allowing the documentary filmmakers to tell the story at their own pace in a unique setting such as a school, the entire film is a sign of respect. It is likely that British audiences will be less familiar with the contemporary challenges facing Native Americans in the United States. The film touches on these issues, such as rising crime rates and drug addiction, as well as certain nutritional concerns, but doesn’t spend much time dwelling on them. This is a conscious decision to make the film educational and celebratory, rather than political or historical. Given these goals, this lack of focus is understandable. The thematic discussion is enough to make viewers do their own research into the harsh realities of how and why life on reservations creates a unique identity and status within a single company: America.

On The Ridge Movie Download at Blu-Ray.

But it’s something to be aware of when watching the film. The content of the film itself is generally heartwarming and uplifting. Special highlights include Scotty Clifford’s reflections on his life story and inspiration, and teacher Sierra Concha’s explanation of the importance of teaching the Lakota language to a new generation of children. As mentioned before, the film does not directly address serious social issues, but the emotional storyline depicted helps the filmmakers realize the praise. With its focus on community, On the Ridge is certainly more suited to American audiences than British audiences. However, the moving stories and inspiring people documented in the film will no doubt appeal to viewers from anywhere. It is important that filmmakers like Circo and Valenti shine a light on the small and forgotten people who keep Indigenous cultures alive, as well as stories and mysterious legends that are disappearing.

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